node.js – high-performance Javascript (for servers) /Jakub Nešetřil – 55 min./

Intensely technical and geeky talk about node.js – a super-new, ultra-hot Javascript runtime based on Google’s V8 for writing high-performance, non-blocking servers, real-time streaming applications and many other uses.

This talk wouldn’t have been possible last year, since the node.js community was still nonexistent at that point. Over the last 12 months it has exploded onto the scene and gathered a lot of attention. New tools and frameworks are popping up every day. Come and find out why – and why you should care, too. Warning: This ain’t your grandma’s Javascript.

Are you still writing your application in PHP? Do you still think Ruby on Rails is the hottest thing out there? Come and see what the future is all about!

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